Lending A Helping PAW

It is no secret that America is facing a devastating shortage of necessary medical equipment to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Paws With A Cause is being affected by this shortage as well. Our onsite veterinary staff uses masks daily for their medical visits with the dogs. In preparation for a shortage, a few PAWS employees have taken it upon themselves to use their extra time and talents to help solve this problem.

Carol Dobos is the research and development specialist at PAWS. She makes all the adaptive equipment we send home to our Clients and the capes for our dogs! Carol Manshaem is our receptionist by day and a crafter by night! These two have been busy making masks at home.

“I feel very fortunate that I have some sewing abilities and can help out with this great need for masks. I already planned on making masks and donating them. When I found out that Doctor Jeanne [PAWS staff veterinarian]needed masks I really felt good about taking on this task,” said Manshaem.

The two Carols plan to make at least sixty masks in the next few days for our vet staff and other PAWS employees on campus.

Thanks for lending a helping PAW! We really are #InThisTogether