Five Ways to Support PAWS

Things have changed and we are spending much more time at home these days. You may be wanting to spend your extra time supporting PAWS, but not sure how you can do so at this time. We put together five different ways you can support us right from the comfort of your home!

1. Donate

PAWS is a nonprofit and we rely on generous donors to able to serve our clients. Did you know that we don’t receive and government aid or insurance money to fund our organization? We know this is a difficult time for many people, but if you are looking for a way to give back, consider donating online! You can do so here.

2. Wishlist on Amazon Smile.

Are you an avid shopper and not being able to is driving you bonkers? Well, there are many items our dogs need to stay happy and healthy. We host our wishlist on Amazon Smile. Here you can find all the items we need. When you purchase an item off of our wishlist through Amazon Smile, not only will the gift be sent directly to PAWS, but Amazon also gives a portion of the sale back to our organization.  You can find our wishlist here.

3. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

With your extra free time do you find yourself scrolling social media more often? PAWS is very active on Facebook and Instagram. We would love for you to follow along with us. Our social media is there to bring you lots of puppy love and stories of joy! Follow us at @pawswithacause on both Facebook and Instagram.

4. PAWS To Shop

Running out of “working from home” outfits? PAWS has an online store full of options for you, your family members, and your dog! From clothes, to dog toys, to blankets, our store has a variety of items for you to choose from! And right now, we have TWO limited edition PAWS social distancing shirts on sale for only $20! When you purchase from PAWS To Shop, you are supporting our brand and our mission. Check it out here.

5. Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Last but not least, you can host a Facebook Fundraiser for PAWS! Facebook allows you to raise funds for your favorite nonprofits. It is a simple and appreciated way to support us from home! Click here, follow the prompts, then boom! You are raising funds for us!