The Manly Dog

Phone A Friend

Being a Service Dog during this Stay-At-Home order is hard! One of the best things I do for my mom is going with her when she goes out, but we sure aren’t doing that right now!

There’s still plenty to do around the house though. You know that show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”? They let you phone a friend for some additional help. I’m sorta like that for my mom! If she needs help she just tells me and I’m right there (very often it is literally to help phone a friend. HA!)

So, here I am doing my Manly Dog best to help her do just that. There’s an attachment on her phone and whenever it rings or she wants it, all I have to hear is her tell me “phone” and I run and get it for her!

The work of a PAWS Service Dog is never done, but I think I smell some treats, so I’m going to go find out what that’s all about! Bye for now, friends!



Hi Everybody!

My name is JUDD, or “Manly Dog.” I am a Paws With A Cause Service Dog for my Mom, Janey Ladd.

Here I am, handing her a spatula that she dropped. It’s just one of the many tasks I do for her on a regular basis. You see, PAWS Dogs are individually and specifically trained for each client. In my mom’s case, she has MS. That leaves her with really crummy balance and mobility issues. And that’s where I come to the rescue!

I pick up anything she drops, no matter how big or small! I get the phone for her, hit accessible buttons, hold open doors, take the laundry back and forth, and I can even brace to help her get up if she falls! But no matter what you can actually see that I do, Mom says the best thing is what you can’t see. That’s the confidence I give her, so she can be independent.

Before me (and COLONEL, her first PAWS Dog), she had to have my dad go with her places. Now she just jumps in the car with me and away we go! I am so proud to be a Service Dog for my mom.

She always says, “Getting a PAWS Dog is life-changing.” That makes me pretty darn proud!

A day in the life of a Service Dog is super busy, even with this social distancing stuff going on.

Oh, wait…I hear my mom calling me, so I’ll tell you more later!

Don’t worry, mom! I’m on my way!

Phone A Friend