Grooming Made Easy

Wouldn’t you want to know if there were a way to make dog grooming less messy?

“Confession: My dog enjoys being brushed much more than I enjoy brushing her. Part of the reason is that it is a messy process with hair flying everywhere. That problem is solved with my new Bonza Massage Brush!”- PAWS Development Director and proud Bonza customer, Colette Beighley.

Our friends at Bonza have designed a brush that is easy to use and enjoyable for the dog, PLUS it removes hair deep into the fluffy undercoat. The best part is, when the brush is full, you pull the silicone tab and out pops the hair in one clump. Easy peasy! Happy dog … happy human!

Check out this video to see it in action, and you can purchase one for yourself here. And a big PAWS thank you to Bonza for their support of our mission.