Easy DIY Dog Costume


Can’t think of anything cute to dress your furry friend up as this Halloween? How about your favorite 90’s toy? This DIY Beanie Baby Tag is quick, easy and comfortable for your pup to strut while trick or treating! Follow these 5 steps for the perfect pup costume!


Supplies needed:
Fabric Glue/Glue stick
White Felt/Paper
Red Felt/Paper
TY Logo Print out (Having the TY logo printed out makes it super easy to replicate if you’re not the best freehand artist!)


1. Line up the TY logo with whatever material you choose (felt or paper).

2. Start by cutting out the red heart and follow with cutting out the “TY” logo on the white.

*If you’re worried about it flipping over, repeat on the back.

3. Glue your TY logo onto the red heart

4. Once you’ve glued both sides together, simply glue a ribbon onto the heart (almost like a necklace for your dog!)

5. Place carefully around the dog’s neck and enjoy!

This is the perfect costume that won’t make your dog uncomfortable or anxious while celebrating this spooky holiday!