Five Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home!


So you have just brought a puppy home, or you are preparing to do so! You are about to embark on such a PAWSome journey! We wanted to share five tips to help you and your puppy get off to a great start.

  1. Place the puppy’s kennel in a lived-in room so the puppy doesn’t feel lonely at night!
    • The kennel should be somewhere that the puppy can smell and hear their new family without being in the middle of frequent foot traffic.
  2. Have a variety of toys ready!
    • Soft toys for snuggling and chew toys for teething puppies.
  3. Use calming techniques
    • Some puppies will come home with a blanket or toy that smells like their mom to keep them company. If the puppy you bring home doesn’t have this, you can use Adaptil, a calming spray that imitates the smell of a mama dog!
  4. Have a plan in place
    • Who is responsible for taking the puppy out for potty breaks, or making sure the puppy doesn’t find trouble? Clear communication between the humans in the household make things easier for everyone
  5. Puppy proof!
    • Pick up small objects from the floor, low-level shelves, tuck cords & wires out of the way. Place shoes and slippers behind closed doors. Puppies find trouble in the blink of an eye!