Certification Celebration: August 2021

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in August!


Franklin and THORLEY

Papa Dog CANDU housed by: Mary Cutler
Mama Dog ZELDA housed by: Christina Rybicki
Foster Puppy Raiser: April Mehl and Patrick and Kathleen Rademacher
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Le Le and BENNY

Mama Dog TRAVELER housed by: Tracy Conley
Foster Puppy Raiser: Robert and Michelle Ball
Trained by: Kirstin Allan

Liina and NISHA

Mama Dog RELIC housed by: Bill and Diane Haddix
Foster Puppy Raiser: Helen Hofmeister
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Toni Ann and KRATER

Mama Dog KEEGAN housed by: Kraig and Karin Schmottlach
Foster Puppy Raiser: Karlie VanderKolk
Trained by: Haley Gorenflo

Anita and CADENCE

Papa Dog PATCH housed by: Linda French
Foster Puppy Raiser: Roxanne Bareman and Michelle Clarke
Trained by: Crystal Snyder

Patty Joe and PROMISE

Mama Dog ARYA housed by: David and Joy Belanger
Foster Puppy Raiser: John Gabrosek and Michele Suchovsky
Trained by: Crystal Snyder

Anna and GILMORE

Papa Dog MORT housed by: Jane Nowak
Mama Dog BLISS housed by: Shelly DeBoer
Foster Puppy Raiser: Steve and Judi Jenson
Trained by: Kiristin Allan

Michael and KAZ

Mama Dog DELTA housed by: Gayle Tolsma
Foster Puppy Raiser: Ellen Ransley
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Katelyn and HARBOUGH

Papa Dog DAPPER housed by: Debbie and Tim Gaylor
Mama Dog FRANC housed by: Mike and Judy Versalle
Foster Puppy Raiser: Kimberly Webber
Trained by: Kirstin Allan

Logan and HAMLIN

Mama Dog CARMEL housed by: Michael and Sue Russell
Foster Puppy Raiser: Katie Rottenberg
Trained by: Barb Kozminski

Brody and OMBRE

Papa Dog STUHRLING housed by: Kevin and Tracey Gort
Mama Dog HADDIE housed by: Dave and Jan Borst
Foster Puppy Raiser: Timothy and Angela Beute
Trained by: Meghan Sweers

Thank you to our supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!