Certification Celebration: September 2021

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in September!


Linda and TROOPER

Papa Dog LINCOLN housed by: Adair Jackson
Mama Dog WINNIE housed by: Gayle Tolsma
Foster Puppy Raiser: Olivia Radtke and Mark and Jan Brezenski
Trained by: Brad Rowe

Shea and TIMBER

Mama Dog PATTY housed by: Eric and Jennifer Strayer
Foster Puppy Raiser: Rosemary Edds
Trained by: Maddison Smith

David and SUGAR

Mama Dog SAPHIRE housed by: Matt and Amber Nibbelink
Foster Puppy Raiser: Rusty and Patricia Lamont
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Christine and OXLEY

Papa Dog CANDU housed by: Mary Cutler
Mama Dog WIGGLES housed by: Maggie Caball
Foster Puppy Raiser: Colin and Laurie Yager
Trained by: Kirstin Allan

Thank you to our supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!