Certification Celebration: October 2021

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in October!


Colton and HEATH

Mama Dog SELENA housed by: Maggie Caball
Foster Puppy Raiser: Kyle Castle
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Doreen and VIOLET

Papa Dog JAGGER housed by: Jane Nowak
Mama Dog KIWI housed by: Ron and Sue Addison
Foster Puppy Raiser: Julie Billingsley
Trained by: Shari Murdock

Lauren and IKE

Papa Dog DOCTOR housed by: Lloyd and Debbie Foster
Mama Dog FRIDAY housed by: Amy Jacobson
Foster Puppy Raiser: Norman and Kathy Wright, and Sue and Alex Rynkiewicz
Trained by: Maddison Smith

Toby and HAZEL

Papa Dog LINCOLN housed by: Adair Jackson
Mama Dog MABELLINE housed by: Carrie Carlson
Foster Puppy Raiser: Jim and Patti Borlee
Trained by: Meghan Sweers

Thank you to our supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!