Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in November!

Andrea and BENTLEY

Mama Dog: TRAVELER, housed by Tracy Conley
Papa Dog: Outside stud dog
Foster Puppy Raiser: Ann Pebelsky
Trained by: Barb Kozminski


Angeline and ZOE

Mama Dog: ARYA, housed by David and Joy Belanger
Papa Dog: DAPPER, housed by our own Debby Gaylor
Foster Puppy Raiser: Scott and Eliese Tilmann
Trained by: Meghan Sweers


Barb and GRAFTON

Mama Dog: FRIDAY, housed by Amy Jacobson
Papa Dog: JOEY, housed by Peter and Jill McKinney
Foster Puppy Raiser: Michele Ripka
Trained by: Kirstin Allen


Tim and QUINCY

Mama Dog: TODDY, housed by Gail O’Leksy
Papa Dog: ZOOM, housed by Heidi Strasser
Foster Puppy Raiser: Robert and Kathryn Shane
Trained by: Kirstin Allen