Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in May!


Vanessa and MITTEN

Mama Dog: CARMEL, housed by Michael and Sue Russell
Papa Dog: OZ, housed by Mike and Judy Versalle
Foster Puppy Raiser: Kevin and Tracey Gort
Trained by: Kirstin


Patricia and JUDGE

Mama Dog: IZZY, housed by Deb Ramsey
Papa Dog: ODIN, housed by Eric and Betsy Kipling
Foster Puppy Raiser: Audrey Smail
Trained by: Meghan


Joseph and LOUIE

Mama Dog: DOTTIE, housed by Todd and Marie Pryor
Papa Dog: MORT, housed by Jane Nowak
Foster Puppy Raiser: Karen Zolman
Trained by: Meghan