Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in July!


Eileen and COCOA

Mama Dog: MISSY, housed by Michelle Clarke
Papa Dog:  an outside stud dog
Foster Puppy Raiser:  Howard and April Leikert
Trained by: Haley


Stephanie and JARVIS

Mama Dog: IZZY, housed by Deb Ramsay
Papa Dog: ODIN, housed by Eric and Betsy Kipling
Foster Puppy Raiser: Julia Briskin
Trained by: Kirstin

Bryan and MOSA

Donated puppy
Foster Puppy Raiser: Mark and Lara Evans

Trained by: Meghan


Susan and SAILOR

Mama Dog: FRIDA, housed by Mike and Denise Langeweg
Papa Dog: STUHRLING, housed by Kevin and Tracey Gort
Foster Puppy Raiser: Colin Gesink and Bev Harkema
Trained by: Haley



Mama Dog: LICORICE, housed at that time by Sherwyn and Susan Clarke
Papa Dog: THORN, housed at that time by Donna Rolstad
Foster Puppy Raiser: Isabell Peabody
Trained by: Barb