Certification Celebration: April

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in April!

Anna and GILLY

Mama Dog: NELLIE, housed by Jeff and Barbara Reber
Papa Dog: ARCHER, housed at that time by Taylor Snyder
Foster Puppy Raiser: Ellen Ransley
Trained by: Haley


Barry and DUDLEY

Mama Dog: DAISY, housed by Sandee Hermann and whelped by Renee Davis
Papa Dog: Outside stud dog
Foster Puppy Raiser: Denise Plafcan, Meghan Sweers, and Jerry & Becky Siwik
Trained by: Haley


Caryn and TOPAZ

Mama Dog: OLIVE, housed by Crystal Snyder
Papa Dog: Outside stud dog
Foster Puppy Raiser: Richard and Patty Anderson
Trained by: Kirstin


Lexie and YANKEE

Mama Dog: BOBBI, housed by Allen and Doreen Smith
Papa Dog: JOEY, housed by Peter and Jill McKinney
Foster Puppy Raiser: Mary Breyer
Trained by: Haley


Marie and JAG

Mama Dog: MISSY, housed by Michelle Clarke
Papa Dog: MURRAY, housed by Jerry and Kathleen Burke
Foster Puppy Raiser: Joe and Mary Droulliard
Trained by: Maddison


Stephanie and DELTA

Mama Dog: VICKI, housed by Shari Hansen
Papa Dog: BOLDER, housed by Bob Green and Faye Richardson-Green
Foster Puppy Raiser: Levi and Hannah VerMeer
Trained by: Maddison