Certification Celebration: June

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in June!


Kimberly and COWBOY

Mama Dog: PAXTON, housed by Shari Hansen
Papa Dog: TONY, housed by Leonard and Andrea VanProoyen
Foster Puppy Raiser: Donna Rolstad
Trained by: Haley


Channon and MAE

Mama Dog: JADIS, housed by Jen Hill and Dave & Rachel Ray
Papa Dog: BENTLEY, housed by Anne Pebelske
Foster Puppy Raiser: Mike and Michele Ripka
Trained by: Haley


Carla and RUMMY

Mama Dog: PUFFIN, housed by Nicole Hall
Papa Dog: Outside stud dog
Foster Puppy Raiser: Howard and April Leikert
Trained by: Maddison