Lending A PAW

If you are a dog lover and active on social media, you have probably heard of The Dodo. When we were approached a year ago to be featured in a series they were producing on working dogs, you could hear our barks of joy from a mile away.

Partnering with The Dodo and Hyundai on this project is a dream come true! It offers us a chance to tell even more people about our life-changing mission!

At PAWS, we provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to live with confidence, companionship, and dignity through the help of custom-trained Assistance Dogs.

You can watch the first episode here.

PAWS trains four types of Assistance Dogs, including Service Dogs like FUJI. We also train Seizure Response Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Service Dogs for Children with Autism, which will be featured in future episodes of “Lending a PAW” through The Dodo.

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We are so happy that you found us, and we hope you are here to stay.

Marty Jansen

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Marty Jansen, the first client of Paws With A Cause, has passed away.

Over forty years ago, Marty and his wife Dianne approached PAWS co-founder Mike Sapp and asked that Mike train their family dog to alert them when a baby’s cry. Both Dianne and Marty were deaf, and they wanted to adopt a child, but worried about not being able to hear the baby cry in the middle of the night. It was Marty’s persistence that convinced Mike to take on the challenge of training his first Assistance Dog. The project was a huge success and led to the creation of Ears for the Deaf which became Paws With A Cause. Four decades later, PAWS has trained and placed over 3,000 Assistance Dogs.

Marty’s love for PAWS was undeniable. He and Dianne stayed involved over the years by attending events, filming videos about the history of PAWS, and even volunteering to stuff Kongs with peanut butter for the dogs in training.

“Marty is a large part of the wonderful legacy of PAWS, and he will be greatly missed,” said PAWS CEO, Michele Suchovsky.

Everyone is saddened by Marty’s passing, but we are grateful that his initial request and persistence has indirectly helped thousands of people with disabilities receive their own life-changing Assistance Dogs.

Thank you, Marty, and we love you!  -Team PAWS

Certification Celebration: August 2020

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in August!












Jerry and PINTO

Mama Dog MONROE housed by: Carrie Raap
Foster Puppy Raiser:  Jean and Katie Born












Jesse and SUNI
Papa Dog SPENCER: Kelly Jo Crabb
Mama Dog CHANNING housed by: Tracey Nelson
Foster Puppy Raiser: Roberta Slominski

Thank you to all of our PAWS Dog Volunteers and supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!