Certification Celebration: October 2020

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in October!









Brittany and SKYE
Mama Dog TESSA housed by: Bill and Diane Haddix
Foster Puppy Raiser: Kylie Carpenter












Greg and QUEST
Mama Dog RELIC housed by: Bill and Diane Haddix
Papa Dog DAPPER housed by: Debby Gaylor
Foster Puppy Raisers: Traci Slagle


Thank you to all of our PAWS Dog Volunteers and supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!

Steve and WOODY

A Letter from Steve and WOODY


Thank you for helping me find my way back to the world. Twice!

I developed brain cancer in 2002. After a tough battle, I came out on the other side alive, but things were hard. I fell, I dropped things, and I struggled with a lot of everyday tasks. I began using a wheelchair, and even that was hard. More and more, I found it easier just to stay home. I was slowly isolating myself from the world.

Then in 2007, thanks to generous donors like you, I got my first Service Dog from Paws With A Cause. MOE changed my life, and he helped me reconnect with everything that had slipped away. We became inseparable, conquering the world together. But when it was time for MOE to retire, I was nervous. I was afraid the old isolation would creep back in and cut me off from the world again.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, PAWS was able to provide my second Assistance Dog, WOODY. MOE showed him the ropes. Now WOODY is with me every moment of the day. He opens doors, both literally and figuratively, allowing us to go to stores, to church, and to the library. WOODY makes it possible for me to be part of my community.

And you made WOODY possible. Thank you for being a champion for me, WOODY, and an organization that goes above and beyond to support their teams. And what a team we are! WOODY and I make a point to have an adventure every day on our walks, whether it is sunny or snowing. We are a perfect match!

This has been a difficult year, especially for those with challenges like I face. WOODY and I invite you to help other PAWS Clients experience the dignity, companionship, and confidence you have given me, my family, and our community.

Disability is only one diagnosis away.
I donated to Paws With A Cause for years,
never dreaming that I would one day need their services.

Will you join me and give a gift to PAWS this holiday season? You can give your gift HERE.

You changed my life and made sure that I would always have a PAWS Dog by my side. But there are still so many Clients waiting for their PAWS Dogs to come home. With your gift to PAWS, you can give others their lifeline to the world.  Just like you did for me.


Steve, MOE, and WOODY

Three New Board Members

The PAWS family is growing!

We added three new members to our board of directors. Members of the board of a nonprofit are responsible for overseeing the organization and its budget. The three individuals joining the PAWS board are Adam Russo, Val Lego, and Toyia Turner.

Russo is a deep-rooted member of the Grand Rapids community. He is the owner of Com 616, and outside of the office, Russo is committed to community service. He currently serves as an executive board member for the Literacy Center of West Michigan, the vice president of the board for Affinity Mentoring, an ambassador for the Grand Rapids Chamber, and now a board member at PAWS.

Lego is well known through the Grand Rapids community for her News Anchor role on WZZM. She is a very active member of the nonprofit community and can often be seen serving as an emcee at fundraising events. She has a long relationship with PAWS. Lego has volunteered to raise two PAWS Dogs and is now volunteering her time in a different way by serving on the board.

Turner knows first-hand the impact that PAWS makes in the community as she is the mother of a PAWS client who has a Service Dog for Children with Autism. Professionally, Turner is the Director of Fund Development at the Autism Support and Resource Center, as well as processes loans at Team One Credit Union. She has experience in fundraising and is excited to extend those abilities to the PAWS board.

Help us give them a warm PAWS welcome!