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Our campus volunteers are an integral part of fulfilling our mission! The day-to-day support from our volunteers helps our staff keep the process of breeding, training, caring for, and placing our dogs running smoothly.  Campus volunteers work along side PAWS staff to provide a positive experience for our clients and exceptional care for our dogs!

These volunteers can help serve in a variety of different positions on our campus, such as assisting the vet department, providing public-facing services in the front offices, helping in puppy enrichment centers, supporting events and fundraisers, transporting dogs, or working directly with our dogs to provide an engaging training experience.  Keep checking back with us for fun new opportunities as we continue to build our volunteer program! 

  • All volunteers, or their parents, should have an email address and regular access to the internet to sign up for volunteer opportunities and receive updates from PAWS.  
  • Campus volunteers must be age 16+ to volunteer alone, children and students ages 12-16 may volunteer under the supervision of an adult (not provided by PAWS).  Some tasks may not be suited for all age groups. Volunteers looking to drive for PAWS must be age 25+.

Beginning to volunteer with PAWS is easy! Fill out the application below and allow 3-5 business days for processing. Once your application has been processed, you will be able to sign up for an Orientation date to meet our Volunteer Coordinator and get familiar with PAWS facilities.

After you’ve completed your orientation, you’ll be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities with different PAWS departments that fit your interests! These departments will offer times to come in and begin training specific to their department and your unique opportunity.

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Campus Volunteer FAQS

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Will I be around dogs when I volunteer?

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I have allergies. Will that affect my volunteer experience?

How long am I expected to volunteer for PAWS?

Am I expected to volunteer every week?

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Are there off campus volunteer opportunities?

If I’m driving PAWS dogs, do I drive my own vehicle?


Please contact Julie Thorington, at or call (616) 877-7297 ext. 451.