Naming a litter of future Assistance Dogs is a unique way to honor a special friend, family member, pet or occasion while supporting the work of Paws With A Cause®. With a gift of $5,000, you can name a PAWS® Litter!

You and/or your honoree will receive a digital photo of the puppies at eight weeks old as well as a framed photo to display.


The guidelines for naming a PAWS Litter are simple. We recommend names that are fairly easy to say; most two-syllable names are acceptable. Common human names, inappropriate or offensive names and names ending with sounds similar to the word “no” (Joe, Bingo, etc.) are not permitted. You can either choose a theme for the litter (Example: Star wars litter) and an accompanying set of names for our Foster Puppy Raisers to choose from; or you will be given a letter of the alphabet (Example: the “B” Litter). Using the alphabet letter, you can create a list of names from which our Foster Puppy Raisers will pick.

Please note: PAWS cannot guarantee that your specially named puppies will be placed as Assistance Dogs. Dogs may join our elite Breeding Stock; others enter into alternate “working” careers or find homes with adoptive families. Regardless of the outcome, only one PAWS Litter will be named per request.

To learn more about naming a PAWS Litter, please contact Carrie Simmons, Director of Advancement,