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What gifts do you have to share with the world? Are you a great friend, a loving grandparent or sibling, an advocate for others? PAWS Clients have so many gifts to share, but sometimes feel limited in what they can give. Often their disabilities mean they have to devote much more energy to complete everyday tasks, not leaving much left to give.

A PAWS Dog can change that.


Eager to help a friend and still in her pajamas, Anna grows impatient as she waits for someone to help her dress. Anna is someone you can depend on for everything, but she has to depend on others for her daily needs. Anna lives in a family who has been fostering children since she was young. She cherishes the friendships of her 16 sisters from 9 countries. But some days spina bifida and cerebral palsy make it hard to be the best friend and sister she wants to be. She depends on others to get dressed, close the door, and retrieve dropped items. Anna shares, "It would be really nice not to have to be dependent on others" and knows that a PAWS Service Dog will help her with these tasks. Your gift will give Anna more independence as she supports her family and friends.


Crying and screaming, Brittany melts down at the zoo. Her dad leaves with Brittany while her mom stays behind with her brother and sister, separating their family. Brittany is nine years old and has a twin sister and older brother. She loves her family. When they go out in public as a family, Brittany often gets overwhelmed and has a meltdown because of her autism. Her mother shares, "We have to separate the family. One of us always needs to take her away from the situation - whether it is the grocery store, the zoo, or the apple orchard - while the other stays behind with our kids." A PAWS Service Dog for Children with Autism will bring comfort to decrease the number and length of Brittany's meltdowns. Your gift can bring Brittany and her family together this holiday season.


Looking down at her grandson, Linda sees the worry in his eyes as he asks, "What is that noise, Gram?" She wants to be the best grandma she can be, but it's so much harder when she cannot hear. Linda enjoys watching her grandchildren during the week. She worries though because she is deaf. What happens if she makes them lunch, but does not hear the chiming of the stove timer? Or when someone knocks on the door and she doesn't hear them? "I have to always be alert and vigilant, and it is exhausting." A PAWS Hearing Dog will alert her to an alarm or knocking at the door. Your gift can ease Linda's anxieties so she can enjoy the time with her grandkids.


Moving as fast as she can, Marguerite chases the train ticket she dropped, growing frustrated as riders rush over it. She picks it up in time to see the lights of her train fade into the tunnel. Marguerite has spent years fighting for the rights of people with disabilities and is passionate about ensuring the public transportation in her city is fully accessible. When she talks about her advocacy work, she lights up. Her dedication requires her to attend meetings and be out in public, which can be challenging for Marguerite who has cerebral palsy and is hard of hearing. A PAWS Service and Hearing Dog will help her get around the city, retrieve dropped objects, and open the doors to city hall. Your gift will give Marguerite the ability to advocate for even more people with disabilities.

You can give the gift of a better tomorrow, not only to these four PAWS Clients, but also to the others waiting for a PAWS Assistance Dog. Please donate to Paws With A Cause this holiday season to give people with disabilities the gift of independence.



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