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Please review the Application Process and Frequently Asked Questions before completing the Application Request Form.  Once PAWS receives an Application Request, it will be reviewed to determine if the applicant meets PAWS' program guidelines. Qualifying applicants will be mailed an application to complete and non-qualifying applicants will receive a notice in 10-14 business days. Please note that completing the Application Request or the PAWS Dog Application does not guarantee acceptance as a PAWS Client.


Paws with a Cause


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Request an Application

Applicant First Name (*)
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(This form MUST be completed in the name of the applicant)

Applicant Last Name(*)
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Applicant Birth Date(*)
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mm.dd.yyyy Please note that applications for Service Dogs for Children with Autism must be received prior to the child's 7th birthday.

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If your state is not listed in the drop down menu, PAWS currently does not have Field Representative coverage in your area. We cannot serve areas without a Field Rep. Please check back to see if our coverage has expanded in the future.

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What would you like an Assistance Dog to do for you?(*)
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I acknowledge that I have read the Admissions FAQs and Application Process(*)
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Assistance Dog Type(*)
Please select one type of Assistance Dog. Then, complete application according to your response.

Hearing Dog (for a person who is deaf or hard of hearing)

Service Dog (for people with physical disabilities)

Seizure Response Dog

Combination Dog (Service/Hearing Dog, Service/Seizure Response Dog, Seizure Response/Hearing Dog)

Service Dog for A Child with Autism (child must be between 4 - 12 years of age (PAWS must receive the application prior to a child’s 7th birthday; must have a completed Needs Assessment by a child’s 9th birthday; placement must occur prior to a child’s 12th birthday)

Please list all diagnosed disabilities and date of diagnosis(*)
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What tasks or skills would you like a Hearing Dog to do for you?(*)
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What tasks or skills would you like a Service Dog to do for you?(*)
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What tasks or skills would you like a Seizure Dog to do for you?(*)
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What types of seizures do you have? (grand mal, petit mal, partial-complex, cluster, absence, etc.)(*)
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What is the frequency of each type of seizure (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)?(*)
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What tasks or skills would you like an Assistance Dog to do for you?(*)
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My child exhibits (check all that apply)(*)

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My child also exhibits
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My child is currently in (check all that apply)*(*)

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Please describe the effects of autism on the child and the family
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