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Certification Celebration: Day 4

  • Debra and FILLY

    Debra and FILLY

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Stuart and Ellen Dykstra & Diane Zylstra

    Breeding Host Home: Ken and Margie Dykstra

    Stud Home: Bart and Anne Merkle

  • Kathy and RUPERT

    Kathy and RUPERT

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Rebecca Fedewa

    Breeding Host Home: Patrick and Bridget Dimmer

    Stud Home: Katherine Larson

  • David and BARKLEY

    Dave and BARKLEY

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Kari Karr

    Breeding Host Home: Marianne Firlit

  • Tim and KISMET

    Tim and KISMET

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Karin Larsen

    Breeding Host Home: Andrew and Elaine Milnes

    Stud Home: Bev Harkema

Congratulations to All!

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