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Certification Celebration: Day 6

  • John and LAYLA

    John and LAYLA

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Christine Sievers

    Purchased From: Beth Johnson

  • Darlene and PANDA

    Darlene and PANDA

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Miranda Howard

    Breeding Host Home: Tim and Martha Wieringa

  • Shelly and NELLIE

    Shelly and NELLIE

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Mark, Amanda and Lynzi Spore

    Breeding Host Home: Kathy Fisher

    Stud Home: Bev King

  • Cameron and MACY

    Cameron and MACY

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Justin and Jennifer Bajema & Deb Pflug

    Purchased From: Beth Johnson

Congratulations to All!

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  • Guest - teresa klingel

    I am so happy for all of them. This is such a great day for everyone and the first day of their new life together. I can't wait for this day to happen for me and my forever dog. :)

    from Upper Sandusky, OH 43351, USA
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