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Certification Celebration: Day 9

  • Robert and BRICE

    Robert and BRICE

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Kathryn Larson and Sara Russ

    Donated By: Sharon Epps

  • Nancy and ASHER

    Nancy and ASHER

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Joseph Hoin

    Breeding Host Home: Julie Powell and Brenda McNeil

    Stud Home: Bev King

  • Ken and SUNNY

    Ken and SUNNY

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Mary and Bill Myers

    Breeding Host Home: Tim and Jane Burton

    Stud Home: Mary and Ken Blain & Angela and Michael Overbeek

  • Tana and JASPER

    Tana and JASPER

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Sara Schaefer 

    Breeding Host Home: Richard and Patty Anderson

    Stud Home: Teri Crosby

Congratulations to All!

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