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Cheers to Our Clients


By: Annette Prentice

One of PAWS’ long-standing traditions has been publicly recognizing our newly-certified Client-Dog Teams. We know how hard our clients work to become certified, and we believe in honoring that effort.

Long-time friends of PAWS may remember that, historically, we printed the names and photos of all newly-certified Teams in our “Dogs for Dignity” newsletter. Then, at the end of last year, we redesigned the newsletter, going from a 12 to 16-page down to a 6-page format. Producing a smaller newsletter is saving PAWS literally thousands of dollars in printing and postage expense … but it also meant omitting the certification listings to save space. And that led to the need to find a new way to celebrate our new Client-Dog Teams.

It’s taken some time, but we're delighted to share that we’ve got a plan in place! Beginning this month, the certification listings we previously printed in our newsletter will be shared right here on our blog. These “Certification Celebration” blog posts will be a recurring feature at the end of each month going forward.

But first, we want to “catch-up” and recognize the Teams we haven’t yet congratulated for their certifications. To do that, we’ll be running a series of Certification Celebration posts from October 4-18th. We know you're as proud and happy for our Teams as we are, and hope you'll join us in cheering those Teams for their accomplishments.

Thank you!

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