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From our Archives: Andy and TANGO



Do you ever think about how a single moment can change your life entirely? Even ordinary activities – running errands around town, seeing your doctor for a routine check-up, going to the beach with friends in the summer – can hold infinite possibilities. Andy knows this. Because one possibility came hurtling into his world when a car crash changed his life.

Squealing brakes, screeching metal colliding with metal and shattering glass were all Andy heard. During the impact – in an instant – his spinal cord had been severed. Andy would never walk or have complete use of his arms again.

After the accident, Andy tried to maintain his independence. He stayed active and moved into his own apartment. But he still needed help. He struggled to do things like open doors, or pick up things he dropped. And what if there was a fire or another emergency? He knew he’d never be able to get out of his apartment in time.

Another series of life-changing moments took place when Andy turned to Paws With A Cause®. The biggest came when Andy was paired with a loyal Service Dog named TANGO. This loveable Black Lab helps Andy live self-sufficiently, with a fulfilling career in video and film production.

TANGO gave me the sense of confidence to go for the job that I really wanted,” says Andy. “He reminds me that ‘Yes, you can still make a difference in the world.’”

And life goes on. During one of Michigan’s icy winters, Andy’s wheelchair tipped over, spilling him onto the sidewalk. He feared he’d be stranded for hours on the freezing pavement. But, thanks to TANGO, what might have been a dire situation turned in a different direction. TANGO sprang into action in an instant, running for help to save Andy.

Every moment has the possibility to change your life. Some moments – like those times you support PAWS by donating, volunteering, or simply sharing about our work with your family and friends – can change the lives of others, too. Thank you so much!

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