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Welcome Sydney

Hello! My name is Sydney and I am lucky enough to have accepted a development internship at Paws With A Cause®. I am currently in the beginnings of my last year at Grand Valley State University earning a degree in Human Resources Management.

So what led me to Paws With A Cause? After growing up with amazing golden retrievers, my family knew it wouldn’t take long for me to get my own dog once I moved out. Boy, did I prove them wrong. I waited… get this… a whole week and a half before I got a fur baby of my own. Enter, CHARLIE, the beagle. I always knew I loved dogs, but something changed once I had one of my own. I felt the need to incorporate dogs into everything. My friend wants to go shopping-how about we go to Decadent Dogs so CHARLIE can come too? A date… dog park?

It only made sense that my job search would consist of “jobs with dogs” too, trying to find a way to blend both my interest in a career of Human Resources as well as my love for dogs. This is what led me to the Paws With A Cause website, and it was great luck that they were seeking out a development intern. Within my first few weeks, I already feel very connected to this organization and its purpose.

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