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Izzy Come...Izzy Go

Have you ever wondered what a Foster Puppy thinks as it's being placed with its raisers? Author Jennifer Rae has given us a gift of insight through her latest book, Izzy Come...Izzy Go:

My name is's not short for Isabelle or Isabella. It's just Izzy. My foster parents, who are puppy raisers for an assistance dog organization, gave me this name when they picked me up from the kennel. You see, I am a foster pup who is being raised as a potential assistance whose life is entrusted to strangers who promise to take care of me for the next fifteen months of my life and prepare me for a goal of the organization's choosing. I suppose that sounds much too cynical, but it's just a reflection of my skeptical nature. At this point in my young life, I'd really prefer to have some say in my own future.

My new family has just pulled into the driveway of the kennel, and I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about this new, placement situation. I am used to being my own boss, and something tells me that changing locations with a new family won't allow for that type of freedom. My siblings left the kennel yesterday and are off to new adventures, so it's time for me to be on a new journey of my own. While I'm usually quite a confident pup, I find that my nerves are getting the best of me. Evidence of that is the obvious reaction of my hackles not knowing what to do from my neck to my tail. Some are up, and some are down. I don't believe that they even know what to do in this situation. I look like a victim of a bad grooming appointment...Nevertheless, I'll just work off the nerves by showing this new family what potential I have as an athlete by demonstrating my parallel jumping maneuvers. This will render them speechless!

As we drove away, I took one last look at the kennel that was my home as the car angled its way through the winding driveway to the highway. Because my fancy, new crate was facing the back of the car, I was able to look out the rear window and see where I'd been before I knew where I was going.

My only regret was not being able to say good-bye to my mother. While I hadn't seen her in weeks, she was the only one who could make my stomach tingle with her warmth and strength. Missing that loving feeling would unexpectedly wash over me like a wave of sadness, and it seemed somewhat unbearable. But, our mother taught all of us to be strong and independent puppies, and by doing that, we would all make her very proud. Even though her beautiful image was slowly fading from my mind, I'd cling to the memory of her love in my heart. So, I tucked away those sad feelings and looked to the future with hope and confidence.

Read more of Izzy's tale in the book Izzy Come...Izzy Go, available at Paws With A Cause! Order through the PAWS website at or call 800-253-7297 and see what Izzy's future holds!

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