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PAWS Virtual Tour


Each month Paws With A Cause offers a behind the scenes tour for people who are interested in learning more about the organization and how to get involved, as well as for our current donors and volunteers. The tour includes: the history of PAWS, a demonstration of one of our dogs in training, and speakers from our Veterinarian Department and PAWS Dog Volunteer Department. We also invite one of our clients to attend and share their story so that you can hear first hand about the impact an Assistance Dog can make in the lives of their furever person.

As informative and fun as our PAWS For Lunch Tours are we realize that there are many people who may not able to attend a tour at our headquarters, located in Wayland, Michigan.  To make sure that everyone can get that same behind the scenes feel we launched a virtual PAWS tour.

So click here and then sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know a little more about PAWS!

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