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Prevent Rough Puppy Play


Puppies love to explore the world with their mouths. While those little teeth may seem cute and harmless, as many of us have discovered, they can be painful if your puppy decides to play biting games with you.

The last thing that you want to do is encourage a bad habit by allowing teeth on skin play.

Teach your puppy that toys are acceptable to chew on, not people.

If your puppy grabs your hand, immediately freeze and exclaim “OW!” in a loud tone. This must be loud and stern enough for your puppy to realize that they have done something wrong. When your puppy releases your hand, praise them calmly and provide him with an acceptable chew toy.

Some puppies may not respond to your exclamation of pain and become excited and bite down harder. These puppies need to learn that this is unacceptable and that when they bite or play rough, play time is over. To reinforce this, give your puppy a brief time out in their crate. Once your pup has calmed down, you can get them out and the games can resume. If your pup becomes mouthy again, they should go back into the crate for another time out. Soon they will learn that this behavior ends play time and attention from you.

People aren’t the only ones who won’t want to play with your puppy if he is playing too rough, other puppies won’t want to play with him either.

By teaching good habits when your puppy is young you can ensure that puppy playtime will be enjoyed by all!

Thank you to National Foster Puppy Coordinator Julie Thorington and her Puppy Took Kit for the information provided.

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