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PAWS Legacy Society

Paws With A Cause is blessed by many loyal donors who want to sustain the organization for years to come. The PAWS Legacy Society was created to honor those friends who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of PAWS by making a planned gift. It takes little preparation, but the impact it has for a person with a disability can be life changing. Planned gifts may take various forms, but most commonly are made via a bequest in a will or trust, an allocation from retirement plan or a designation in a life insurance policy. Other planned gift options can provide you with income during your retirement years, while still leaving a legacy for PAWS.  

Susan is a long time supporter of PAWS, to learn why she decided to become a part of the PAWS Legacy Society read her story:

You don't have to talk with Susan long before you're struck by how deeply she understands PAWS' mission. Motivated by her career as a teacher and social worker and by being an avid dog lover, she explained that it seemed only natural to support PAWS since our work echoes her values and life work so closely.

"I think the client-dog relationships are so fantastic. There's a tactile, physical aspect to them, and a social-emotional one, as well," Susan remarked. "Animals don't care what people look like or about their life circumstances. The bond that forms between a client and a dog makes people's lives fuller. It gives self-confidence and creates opportunities that didn't exist before. With an Assistance Dog, a client can have a whole new, more meaningful and independent life."

Since retiring in 2006, Susan splits her time between Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Las Cruces, New Mexico. She stays active volunteering, walking/hiking and traveling. Susan says she considers her own dog, RIKI, a PAWS career-change dog, a member of her family. She knows how a dog can ease a person's loneliness and can help them form connections. She notes, "Dogs draw people in, especially for a person with a visible disability. A dog can become an equalizer, opening doors for interacting in a less limited way." Susan's passion for PAWS' mission prompts her to designate her annual gifts to PAWS' endowment fund: "I want to support PAWS' commitment to providing clients with Successor Dogs. Once a client has a dog, I can't imagine them not having another."

Her desire to continue her legacy and support for PAWS has led Susan to include us in her estate plan. She shared, "I feel I've been blessed with a wonderful life. So, after I pass away, I want to leave a special gift to help sustain PAWS' outstanding work."

To find out how you can join the PAWS Legacy Society and give a client increased independence, confidence and quality of life through a PAWS Assistance Dog please visit our website today!

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