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Discover PAWS - Research and Development

Did you know that PAWS has it’s own Research and Development Department?  Well, we do and it is PAWesome!  Our team designs, manufactures, and custom-creates equipment in order to better meet the individual and unique needs of our clients.

In order to do this R&D works with our Training and Client Services Teams to design new products and modify existing ones.  For example, a client with limited hand dexterity may need a different type collar for their Assistance Dog, or a different handle on their dog’s pack.

Once the equipment has been created, we use it while custom-training their Assistance Dog  and then provide it to our clients.  

PAWS produces more than 150 items!

Some of the items include:

  • Leashes
  • Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Commercial Door Openers
  • Lifeline Alert Boxes
  • Smoke Alert Boxes

This is one just one of the ways that PAWS is able to set up our Assistance Dog Teams for success!


Can you guess what some of the equipment, pictured below, is used for?

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