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PAWS Client Update

Julie and AYLA at Disney

In 2016, Julie met AYLA her third PAWS Assistance Dog.  The two have recently become a certified team and we wanted to share an update that we received from Julie.  Your support of PAWS makes teams like Julie and AYLA possible.

“I just wanted to thank PAWS and give you an update on AYLA. I'm sure you've heard we become a certified team. But I also wanted to share with you and everyone at PAWS, personally, how great she's been! There are no words to describe having a working dog by my side again, even though it means not sleeping thru noises that wake hearing people, including the meteor that came thru SE Wisconsin with the "sonic boom" on Feb. 6th.  AYLA woke me and sat under my skylight, the only window in the bedroom, which was very confusing to me at the time. It wasn't until my friend told me about the meteor the next day, and that's the exact time AYLA woke me, that I finally made the connection.

Also, we just recently got back from Disney World and she is a superb traveler! I refer to AYLA as my "Cool Chill'n Babe" she's relaxed as can be. Nobody believed that this was her first trip to Disney, and her first time flying (that I know of). She performed her alerts to my cell phone and name call beautifully at the parks and those that saw her in action were amazed. She certainly is filling JADE’s "paws" nicely and doing a great as a successor dog. 

 Please pass on my huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who was involved with AYLA from the time she was born to the time we became a certified team. Please enjoy some of the photos of AYLA and me on our Disney trip. And yes, please forward to the people who took care of her at birth, her foster family, and her trainer. And everyone else at PAWS.” 

AYLA on a boat ride

AYLA enjoying a boat ride

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