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Celebrating Ability

150 people are waiting for a PAWS Dog 


A waiting applicant for a PAWS Dog wrote to us just this week and said, “I know that when I get the call that you have a match for me, it will change my life.”

We created Ability Day to shorten her wait for that call.

Ability Day – June 23 – is a single day of giving to celebrate the ways a person with a disability gains ability with a PAWS Assistance Dog. The goal is to raise $1 million so we can train more PAWS Dogs for people who need them.

PAWS Dogs transform lives. They open doors, pull wheelchairs, tug off socks and turn on lights. They pick things up, get help and offer comfort. They break ice, make connections and provide peace of mind.

PAWS Dogs work.

More than 150 people are waiting right now for the call that we have a match for them. At least that many current clients are going to need to retire and replace their aging PAWS Dogs in the next three years. And we get more than 2,000 application requests for a PAWS Dog each year.

You can help change that. How? Please:

  • Give on June 23 at
  • Invite your friends to do the same
  • Share the word about the good work PAWS Dogs do each day for their FURever person

You can make a difference and change a life.

Thank you so much.

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  • Guest - Melissa Monjar

    I am one of those 150 clients waiting to get the call about a match for a dog. I am bilateral hearing impaired. I was born with an impairment but was not diagnosed until I was 40 years old! That's when I got my first hearing aid. That was 21 years ago, now I have two hearing aids. They help but are ...
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