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Breeding Department Volunteer Lingo


Have you ever noticed that many companies and organizations have their own lingo? Shortened acronyms of long program names, or fun sounding volunteer opportunities that you would like the definition of? Well, PAWS® (Paws With A Cause®) is no different.  We also have our own lingo.  

Let’s start at the very beginning, with puppies!  We have some amazing volunteers who house our Breeding Stock Dogs, but they are not the only volunteers that make these puppies possible.

Below are some different Breeding Program volunteer opportunities and the fun phrases that describe them:  

Permanent Breeding Dog: A dog that is selected for the breeding program based on basic health profile, genetic screening, pedigree and desired traits of temperament. This dog will remain in the Breeding Program until it is time for the dog to retire.

  • Females retire around 6 years of age.
  • Males retire around 10 years of age.


Rotational Breeding: A female dog that has been selected to join the breeding program based on basic health profile, genetic screening, pedigree, and success in training. This dog is turned into PAWS from a Foster Puppy Raiser at 18 months of age and starts the training process. If all clearances fall within PAWS guidelines for breeding, the female will temporarily move into the Breeding Program and have 1- 2 litters.  After the two litters this dog returns to PAWS to complete the training process and be placed with a client.
This allows PAWS to capture the genetic material needed while also allowing us to serve more clients.
This program is also very beneficial for some of our successor clients, who look forward to having a little older working service dog.

Litter Mates: Within the Breeding Program volunteer group is a core group of volunteers with a tremendous amount of experience whelping and raising litters of pups.  These volunteers are used on the rare occasions that the person hosting the breeding dog cannot whelp the puppies. The Breeding Department selects the match between the Litter Mate house and the Breeding Host Home to ensure a successful pairing. Once the pairing has been selected, the volunteers work together to make sure the visiting dog spends time with the Litter Mate family and adjusts to their home environment.

Whelper Helpers: These PAWS volunteers have a tremendous amount of experience whelping litters of pups. Each of these volunteers devotes their time to help newcomers and seasoned whelping homes bring the new pups into the world.

Litter Sitters:  These amazing people open their homes to a mother and her pups while the Breeding Host Home is on vacation or in case of an emergency.  Each of these homes has experience with raising litters and may or may not be currently housing a breeding female. The litter sitter home provides all the care for the mother and pups along with the environmental enrichment for the pups.

Our Breeding Program volunteers are an awesome asset to PAWS and we couldn’t place Assistance Dogs without them!

We are currently in need of volunteers who would be willing to house a Breeding Stock Dog so if these opportunities sound like something you would be interested in please visit our website to get more information!

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