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You Know You’re A PAWS Dog Volunteer When…

20 signs you’re a Dog Volunteer for Paws With A Cause®

Becoming a PAWS Dog Volunteer is a big responsibility. Life as you know it completely changes when you first bring your new dog into your home. As you are loving, teaching, and raising this PAWS® Dog to change someone else’s life, the dog changes yours too. This is not only a learning experience for your dog, but also for you! These 20 signs are characteristic to every Dog Volunteer’s experience. You know you’re a PAWS Dog Volunteer when...

  1. You decline a movie date because you have to take your dog to a Halloween party.

  2. You find dog kibble and poop bags in the washer instead of spare change.

  3. A lint roller can always be found in your car, purse, and closet.

  4. You have PAWS on speed dial.

  5. Your outfit is accessorized by dog hair.

  6. One of your hands always smells like dog treats, so you only eat from your other hand.

  7. You walk around feeling like a celebrity as everyone who passes you “Oohs” and “Aahs” over your puppy.

  8. You start praising your significant other with “Yes!” and a pat on the back.

  9. You realize you have been walking around all day with a treat bag hanging from your pocket, but the dog isn't with you today.

  10. You match the color of your wardrobe to the color of your dog so the dog hair won't be so noticeable.

  11. You go somewhere without your dog and everyone asks you where he/she is.

  12. You use terms on your children like “stay”, “leave it,” and “follow.”

  13. You devote an entire closet, or spare room, to your Mama Dog’s whelping supplies.

  14. You shop for baby toys, not for your children or grandchildren, but for the puppies your Mama Dog is about to deliver.

  15. You buy a minivan just for the dog after swearing for years you would never own one.

  16. You have more pictures on your phone of dogs than your kids.

  17. You're walking with a friend and you feel the need to have them on your left side.

  18. You can truthfully tell your teacher that the reason you don’t have your homework is because your puppy ate it.

  19. You stop using the word "break" in front of your dog unless you are outside.

  20. You realize you need them in your life more than they need you.

Special thanks to Dave and Jan Borst and to all of our PAWS Dog Volunteers for contributing their experiences!

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