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Flea Circus

Did you know fleas can lie dormant for up to a year and multiply into a major infestation in just a month?

Preventing fleas on your pet and in your home is dependent on the time of year and your household surroundings (city versus heavily wooded area). With warmer weather approaching, it’s important that you know all the necessary steps you can take to prevent fleas on your pet!

Time of year:

  • Fall/Winter seasons the number of fleas are lower than the warmer seasons
    Utilize a heartworm preventative that contains chemicals that sterilizes flea eggs
  • Spring/Summer seasons the number of fleas increase
    Utilize a topical treatment that kills freshly hatched fleas. The active ingredient accumulates in the oil glands of your dog, and reapplies itself throughout the month

When applying a topical treatment to your dog’s coat it is important to not apply to a newly bathed dog. Please wait at least three days after a grooming/bathing to apply the topical.

What is used on PAWS Dogs?

During the fall and winter seasons, PAWS recommends Sentinel Heartworm which includes flea prevention. During the warmer seasons, spring and summer, PAWS recommends a combination of the Sentinel Heartworm prevention with ParaStar Plus to kill all fleas and prevent eggs from hatching.
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