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Recertification allows PAWS to evaluate an Assistance Dog Team to ensure they are working at the required proficiency of PAWS and ADI. This occurs every 24 months. On the alternate years, PAWS contacts the client to determine how things are going, see if additional training is needed, etc.


Paws with a Cause


“My job is to make Assistance Dog Teams successful. I am not here to judge you or grade you. I am your coach and I’m here to help.”

Ellen, PAWS Field Rep


About two months before your Assistance Dog ID card expires, PAWS will send a letter stating it is time to be recertified. This is not something to be nervous about; we want to help you succeed.

The process is very similar to certification. Your Field Rep will arrange a time to film you and your Assistance Dog completing all of your trained tasks at home and in public along with ADI requirements. Your veterinarian also has to complete a PAWS form to ensure your dog is up-to-date on health requirements.

Client Services reviews the video and vet form. When they approve a client for recertification, PAWS mails an updated ID card valid for two years.