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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

The truth of those words is embodied by the stakeholders who give so generously to Paws With A Cause. Their ongoing support helps us bring greater independence to people living with disabilities through custom-trained Assistance Dogs.

Every supporter of Paws With A Cause deserves praise. But among them is a smaller, select group of donors who make a commitment far beyond the ordinary. They are the members of our PAWS To GiveTM major gift program. To them, our mission to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities inspires an investment of exemplary proportions.

We invite you to join this group of PAWS To Give members by considering a gift today. PAWS To Give features five levels of support, from an entry level of $3,000 to a full client sponsorship, underwriting the complete cost of training and placing an Assistance Dog with a person with disabilities.


Paws with a Cause



A PAWS client receives individual support throughout the working life of their Assistance Dog. This support includes a personal needs assessment, in-home training and re-certification every two years. PAWS estimates the cost to train, place and certify an Assistance Dog Team at $30,000.


After mastering the training basics, each PAWS Dog experiences two to eight months of customized training before being placed with a client. Once placed, a PAWS Field Representative works with the Assistance Dog Team for an additional four to six months before certification.


Our Foster Puppy Program is designed to give PAWS puppies every advantage they need to grow into the exceptional dogs they must be. Our Foster Puppy Raisers care for puppies in their loving homes for 13-16 months, helping to socialize the puppies and introducing basic obedience training.


A PAWS puppy receives exceptional medical care from our in-house veterinary staff to ensure a healthy, happy beginning. PAWS estimates the average cost of providing veterinary services for a puppy entering Assistance Dog training at $5,000.


The PAWS Breeding Program is the foundation of our Assistance Dog Program. Each PAWS Breeding Stock Dog is housed by one of our volunteer host families. These families love and care for our Breeding Stock Dogs and help us welcome litters of future Assistance Dogs into the world. 



To learn more about PAWS To Give, please contact Catherine Rogg, Development Director, at 800-253-7297 or crogg@pawswithacause.org.