Paws informs and inspires the community about assistance dog teams


At Paws With A Cause, we believe in educating people about the rights and roles of Assistance Dog Teams. It’s important to know and we want you to feel empowered to share this information with others.

For information about access rights related to:

Americans with Disabilities Act
Fair Housing



Assistance Dogs in the Workplace
Workplace Accommodation (Title I)

Public Access

Public Accommodation Under ADA
Public Access (Title II and Title III)
Common Questions about Assistance Dogs in Public


Etiquette for Assistance Dogs in Public
Etiquette for Clients in Public

Assistance Dogs International

Assistance Dog FAQ, Standards and Ethics


We’re working hard to raise awareness about the rights and roles of Assistance Dog Teams in the community. If PAWS clients have a problem with access, housing or employment, we act as their advocate, explaining to the other party the legal rights of a person with an Assistance Dog.

As an expert in the Assistance Dog industry, PAWS has educated state and federal legislators on what Assistance Dogs are, explained how they can help our U.S. Veterans, advised on protocols to set in place and provided expert opinion when a request is made regarding legislation. PAWS advocated for a bill (H.R. 1627) giving a person with an Assistance Dog access rights in VA-owned facilities. This law was signed by the President in August 2012.