We believe that PAWS dogs have a purpose and enjoy the work that they do! Our goal is for most PAWS dogs to be placed in a career that is right for them. However, our experienced staff will sometimes determine that a dog is not suited for a career, so we will place the dog in a home as a pet. 

PAWS pet dogs are not to be trained or utilized for any other type of work, including therapy, social support, or other Assistance Dog work. These dogs may be unable to complete training for medical reasons such as allergies or hip dysplasia, or they may exhibit behaviors which are not suitable for working dogs. We are not able to make any guarantee about how the dog will behave in your home based on the training they have received. If the dog is being placed as a pet due to medical reasons, these reasons will be disclosed to you if your application is approved.  

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs below, please fill out the application and our team will contact you. Applications will only apply to the dog you filled out an application for and will not be kept on file after that dog has been placed with someone. 

Other Placements

When we can, PAWS will place dogs with organizations that train other types of working dogs such as crisis response dogs or arson, narcotics, or electronic detection dogs. If you are affiliated with an organization that trains one of these types of dogs and you are interested in evaluating PAWS’ Purposefully Placed Dogs, please contact us at

Dogs Available for Adoption

There are no PAWS Dogs available for adoption at this time. Please check back later!

Pet Application

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