PAWS works diligently to find alternative working careers for our dogs that will not be placed as a PAWS Dog. Due to this and our current waiting list, we are not able to accept requests for family pets at this time.

If you are affiliated with an organization that trains other types of working dogs such as arson, narcotics, or explosives detection dogs, or crisis response dogs and would be interested in evaluating PAWS Purposefully Placed Dogs, please contact PAWS directly at 616-877-7297.


Dogs that are unable to complete training as an Assistance Dog for Paws With A Cause are purposefully placed into another working career. Some dogs that have been purposefully placed from PAWS’ program have become Facility Dogs, or working dogs for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, police departments, Detection Dogs, Leader Dogs for the Blind and Crisis Response Dogs. If the dog is not suitable for any other career, it will be placed as a pet.


If PAWS determines a dog is not suited for another career, we will purposefully place the dog in a home as a family pet. It is important to note that these dogs are not to be trained or utilized for any other type of work, including, but not limited to; therapy, social support or other Assistance Dog work. These may be dogs that are unable to complete training for medical reasons such as allergies or hip dysplasia or may have a behavioral problem which is not suitable for an Assistance Dog or for placement with a person with a disability.

Our experienced staff has determined these dogs are not suited to work in any capacity. Additionally, these dogs are purposefully placed to other careers at various levels of our program, therefore, there is no guarantee made of any training the dog has received or how the dog will behave in your home.