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What PAWS does would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of our team. Each manager, staff person and board member plays a role in helping each Assistance Dog Team be successful.

Paws with a Cause

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    Meet the team guiding PAWS


  • PAWS


    Meet the leaders of our organization


  • PAWS


    Meet the people helping make it all possible


  • Executive Committee

    Libby Child, Board Chair
    Douglas J. Dok Jr., Esq., Vice Chair
    Melanie Yanchuk, Secretary
    James Nichols, Treasurer
    Nidal Kanaan, Board Member at Large
    Judye Reed, Board Member at Large

    Full Board  

    Faye Richardson Green
    Mark Hofstee
    Michael Slack
    Liam Sullivan, D.O.
    Jane Timmer
    Bart Merkle

    National Advisory Committee

    Larry Bennett
    Libby Child
    David Christensen
    Nancy Cluley
    Jose Hernandez
    James Hesseman
    Sarah Holland
    Gerald House
    Mark Hunting
    Frank Jeffreys
    Ronald Koscierzynski
    Paul Lane, PhD
    Don Meyers
    Craig Niemann
    Lane Phalen
    Barbara Rapaport
    Curt Reppuhn
    John D. Swaney
    Phil Tower
    Stephen M. Turner
    Barbara Washington
    Heidi Wasserman
    Pamela Werner
    Dan Wiljanen
    Gary Wilkes
    Richard Ziebart


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    Paws with a Cause



    “PAWS is a family. We’ve always been a family and always will be one.”

    Karen, PAWS Director of Human Resources

    CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,  Michael D. Sapp, Sr.

    PAWS Co-Founder and CEO has over 34 years of experience in the Assistance Dog industry. Mike guides the day to day operations of the organization, including acting as a resource in temperament testing, client services and research and development. He is skilled in all aspects of the training and placement process, as well as administrative and financial processes and procedures. With 41 years of experience personally training dogs and 5 years apprenticing for other instructors, he's become an expert in the industry. He assisted the State of Michigan in drafting legislation related to Assistance Dogs and helped establish four other Assistance Dog organizations across the country.

    VP OF PROGRAM GROUPS,  Kathleen Ribbens

    Kathleen serves as the Vice President of Program Groups for PAWS. This responsibility involves the oversight of the Veterinary, Breeding and Breeding Dog Volunteer, Foster Puppy Volunteer and Education, Prison Puppy Program, Canine Custom Training, Client Services and Field Representative Network programs. Kathleen brings to PAWS a breadth and depth of leadership experience, having led teams in a senior management capacity in the education, healthcare and insurance industries. She is also trained as an executive coach and has worked with numerous organizations -- including PAWS -- in both the non-profit and for profit arenas. Kathleen has earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern Michigan University, a Master’s in Leadership from Michigan State University and a post-graduate certification in Executive Leadership from the University of Michigan.


    Karen's 23 years of experience help PAWS create an environment where employees feel valued and fulfilled by their work. She aligns PAWS' corporate culture, leadership and structure with business strategies. This includes helping to develop the organization's vision and mission, planning and maintaining business objectives, creating corporate policies and facilitating effective interpersonal communication. She also implements recruitment and retention strategies, evaluates work-related issues, determines effective remediation methods and trains staff in effective communication techniques. Karen pursued her Business Management/HR Management undergraduate studies at Davenport University. Her professional experience includes years as a Legal Assistant for several local attorneys.

    FINANCE DIRECTOR,  Teri Crosby

    Teri directs and coordinates PAWS' financial management according to standards accepted in the United States. She directs and prepares financial analyses of operations for the guidance of management and the Board of Directors. Teri also manages multi-state tax filings, quarterly and year-end tax filings. She has over 25 years of finance experience. Teri pursued her undergraduate studies at Aquinas College in Accounting/Finance. Her previous career experience includes Beene Garter and Echelbarger, Himebaugh, Tamm & Cummins, P.C.

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    Paws with a Cause



    Office Staff

    Mary Blain, Community Engagement Coordinator
    Kim Blozinski, Mail/Shipping Receiving
    Jennifer Boan, Development Events Coordinator
    Becky Canale, National Client Services Coordinator
    Tony Clementi, Field Rep Network Coordinator
    Deb Davis, Community Outreach Manager
    Carol Manshaem, Receptionist
    Kelly Jo McCaleb, Client Relations Manager
    Paula Pasma, Fund Development Coordinator


    Training Staff

    Crystal BeVier, Apprentice Trainer
    Sara Crockett, Apprentice Trainer
    Mike Hanna, Program Process Quality Manager
    Emma Hill, Apprentice Trainer
    Barb Kozminski, Senior Staff Trainer
    Emily Martin, Apprentice Trainer
    Brittany McCready, Apprentice Trainer
    Anna Rhea, Apprentice Trainer
    Shari Tolan, Apprentice Team Leader


    Canine Staff

    Marilyn Arwe, Canine Volunteer Training and Curriculum Specialist
    Dawn Bohan, National Breeding Program Coordinator
    Connie Bowne, Canine Liaison
    Carol Dobos, Equipment Stitcher/R&D
    Linda French, Regional Foster Puppy/Client Services Representative, Southeast Michigan
    Debby Gaylor, Canine Administrative Assistant
    Dawn Hunter, Foster Puppy Assistant, Southeast Michigan
    Jennifer Manwell, Foster Puppy Assistant, Southeast Michigan
    Wendy McIntosh, Breeding Program Technician
    Julie Thorington, National Foster Puppy Coordinator
    Donna Venner, Canine Administrative Assistant


    Animal Care Staff

    Dr. Jeanne Klynsma, Staff Veterinarian
    Theresa Peck, Licensed Vet Tech
    Jackie Koloseik, Groomer


    Building Care Staff

    Kevin Thiel, Building Care Supervisor
    Doug Hollebeek
    Heather Miller
    Michael Reurink
    Michael VanLent
    Diane Williams


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