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Paws With A Cause® enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. PAWS® increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog Teams through education and advocacy.


Embracing innovation to address the aging population and to strengthen families living with disabilities.



As we strive to fulfill our mission, these Core Values guide us:


A transformational change engages the heart and the mind. It unleashes the power of teamwork to achieve our deepest goals. It is life-altering in profound, positive ways. It is the essence of “making a difference.”

We believe we can be a catalyst of such change in the lives of our stakeholders and our community. We believe it is the natural outcome of our mission work.


We believe in doing what’s right. We believe in leading by example.

We take an active role in the broader Assistance Dog industry, and seek opportunities to share our expertise for the benefit of all its members.


We believe that “good enough” is just a starting point. We strive to exceed our industry’s standards and our stakeholders’ expectations. We believe our stakeholders deserve nothing less than our best work.

We invest in talent. We believe in challenging each other to greater achievements. We encourage the sharing of ideas, and believe creativity can overcome obstacles.


We believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. We believe the most successful Assistance Dog teams are built through collaborative effort.

We recognize that teams are comprised of individuals working together toward a common goal. We believe all our stakeholders are our teammates, and we seek opportunities to engage them. As teammates, we treat each other with care and hold each other accountable.

We believe EVERYONE has the ability to make a positive contribution.


We believe we have a duty and strive to use our resources wisely. We use our history and experience to plan with care for our sustainable future.


We are mindful of life’s preciousness. We believe in cheering each other’s accomplishments and honoring milestones. We believe in the power of laughter and of puppy breath.