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The Tenth Foster Puppy

Beau and his bear that I gave to his breeder to help Beau adjust to leaving his mom and littermates.


By: Ken and Ellen Milne, proud Foster Puppy parents

Beau is a red Standard Poodle puppy. He is the tenth Foster Puppy that our family has raised for Paws With A Cause. Beau’s litter of 7 puppies was born on Valentine’s Day.   My husband, Ken, our son, Ian, and I were fortunate to have the opportunity visit Beau and his littermates when they were only 3 weeks old. Before traveling to meet Beau, I wore an old t-shirt to bed for a week so that every fiber would contain my smell. I am sure my husband thought this was very romantic! I placed the shirt in a zipper bag and asked the family that whelped Beau to introduce it to him before he left their home. I also brought a stuffed bear and requested that the puppies sleep and play with it so that Beau would have something that looked and smelled familiar when he came home with us. Meeting Beau was love at first puppy kiss!