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Certification Celebration: January 2014

  • Zachary and TITUS

    Zachary and TITUS

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Scott and Kathy Yeske

    Breeding Host Home: Michael and Angela Overbeek; Lisa Stahlberg

  • Fabina and PARIS

    Foster Puppy Raiser: Gene and Mary Peterson

    Breeding Host Home: Tim and Martha Wieringa

Congratulations to All!

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  • Guest - Jen & Orbit

    When the certifications were published in the newsletter, the state where the client/dog lives was included. Could that be again? I love seeing where Paws dogs are going.
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  • Guest - Sue Gender

    Cat's are a very important tool in training ! When we do some training at our house, the cats help us out by grabbing doggie tails !!
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