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The OHT Meets His OHD

By: Annette Prentice

Any day we send a client home with their Assistance Dog is a good one at PAWS.

Today is an extra special good day – Noah (dubbed "The OHT", or "Orange-haired Teen", for obvious reasons) and his mom, Heidi, went home with PAWS Dog WYLEE (quickly nicknamed "The OHD", or "Orange-haired Dog", for obvious reasons).

We featured Noah and Heidi's story in our most recent newsletter. Their Personal Campaign, "Noah's Arf", was the first one launched from our revamped website.

The OHT and his OHD will have lots of getting to know each other time and in-home training work with their PAWS Field Rep in the months ahead.

But today, all of us at PAWS are delighted simply to wish them a long and happy partnership.

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  • Guest - Noah's Mom

    Thank you SO much for allowing Wylee to come into our lives! (and for letting me dry the happy tears before taking a picture )
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