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Introducing SEYMOUR


Congratulations to official PAWS Demonstration Dog SEYMOUR!


"We believe in cheering each other's accomplishments and honoring milestones." - PAWS Core Values

A PAWS Dog's life is filled with milestones: going home with their Puppy Raiser, returning to PAWS HQ for "college" and custom-training, placement with their human partner and, finally, official certification as an Assistance Dog.

We believe each PAWS Dog ends up exactly where it's supposed to be. Of course, we work for that to be alongside a PAWS client. But sometimes, it's in another working role -- as an Arson Detection Dog, perhaps -- or simply as a beloved pet companion.

A PAWS Demonstration Dog is one of the more unique placements we make. Paired with a PAWS staff member or Field Rep, our Demo Dogs become ambassadors for PAWS and Assistance Dogs in general everywhere they go. They perform basic tasks that educate about Assistance Dog roles at community presentations and help Field Reps instruct new PAWS Client Dog Teams.

Longtime friends may remember that our teammate and PAWS Community Outreach Manager, Deb, lost her Demo Dog KRICKIT last year when KRICKIT crossed the rainbow bridge. As a frequent presenter and representative for PAWS at conventions and events both locally in Michigan and around the country, having a Demo Dog is important to Deb's work. Earlier this year, she was paired with SEYMOUR, a Golden Retriever whose temperament is well-suited to work as a Demo Dog. For the last several months, Deb and SEYMOUR have been training together, and we're delighted to report that they've officially certified as a Demo Dog Team!

Congratulations to Deb and SEYMOUR! We'll be posting more certification kudos to new PAWS Client Dog Teams here soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to see more of SEYMOUR, you can follow her Facebook page, here.

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