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What to Expect When You Bring Home Your New Puppy


I am happy to say that my family has been bringing home new Foster Puppies for quite a while now. And while each puppy is different (just like your kids are) there are some safe bets on things you can expect for the first few days pretty much every time.

-You will fall in love. You will declare that puppies and their sweet puppy breath are an amazing creation.

-You will get nipped at and curse the sharp puppy teeth that are also part of this creation. So to prevent that, always be prepared to approach  your puppy with a chew toy to give her. Keep several bones and soft play toys handy for her.

-You will learn about puppy “zooms.” She (or he) will do a crazy fast, butt down run around an area...it is silly and it is normal...enjoy these zooms.

-You will realize that the zooms are exhausting for her and she will crash hard and sleep hard.

-You will tire yourself out from getting everything else done that needs to be taken care of while your puppy is asleep so you don’t miss a minute of awake time.

-You will learn to jump as soon as your puppy wakes up from her nap as she will pee very quickly after waking up!

-You will realize that it is okay to pick up your puppy to get it outside quickly when needed...puppies typically will not pee (or poop for that matter) on you while you are carrying them. It is also okay to carry them when they are pooped out or stressed out from an outing the first few times out.

-You will quickly learn to take your puppy out the same door each time she needs to “take a break” so that she learns to do it on her own, as you will get tired of wiping up potty accidents if you don’t.

-You will realize that puppies pee a lot and that you will need to take her out every 20-30 minutes while she is awake. You may even find yourself setting an alarm to keep yourself on time!

-You will quickly become accustomed to cheering on a little fluffy ball of fuzz when it “breaks” in the grass outside. And you will not feel silly about it.

-You will learn it is wise to put up your puppy’s water bowl by 7:00 each night to help her have to take less breaks during the night.

-You will find that your puppy would rather be with you than in the new crate it has to sleep in. You may end up on the couch for the first few nights next to the crate (or on the floor) to be near her. But, you will learn not to let her out of the kennel to “break” when she is whining, or you become the one who is trained instead of her.

-You will probably want to section off part of the house so she does not have free reign of the entire place. You may even want to get several gates to keep her corralled in, as it is easier to keep track of her while you tend to the rest of your life.

-You will find that she moves quickly and that she will find all sorts of cool, cozy places in your house that you never really paid attention to, for example, the back corner under the desk or behind the toilet in the bathroom.

-You will learn to love feeding time, as you can start teaching her to “Sit” before she gets her food immediately. You will have fun feeding her out of your hand sometimes and playing with her belly, ears, and tail while she eats. You will hear the cutest crunching noises as she eats one piece at a time. You will learn you never realized that eating can be exhausting, as she may fall asleep while eating.

-You will love working on eye contact with the walking ball of fur as she will practically be right in your lap and giving all of her attention to you! For a minute or two that is.

-You will love the sound of her name...and that is good since you will say it lots so she starts to learn it.

-You will fall in love! And you will think there is no way you will ever be able to give her up in a year’s time...but you will and then probably do it all over again.

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