A New PAWS Patron!


Paws With A Cause has partnered up with Buttons 2 Button by Wareologie to bring you a new PAWS Patron.

Buttons 2 Button allows you to convert your existing closet of clothes into adaptive wardrobes by transforming the typical shirt button into a magnetic closure.

These limited-edition magnetic buttons are sold in sets of 10 for $19.99 or in bulk quantities.

It gets better! Our very own PAWS Client, James Murtha, with Service Dog PHOENIX, is the Chief Innovation Officer and Brand Ambassador! How cool is that? They have agreed to donate a portion of the sales back to PAWS when you enter promo code “4PAWS”.

“Life is about the little things. Within us we all carry a desire for fulfillment and self-sufficiency.

When you have a physical disability, certain tasks that were once considered little things become large things and self-sufficiency can sometimes be questioned and other times doubted. Small tasks like picking things up around the house or even getting dressed can become insurmountable.

Through Paws With A Cause Service Dogs and Buttons 2 Button magnetic adaptors, you start to get back pieces of your life and feel encouraged to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in other areas.

I feel humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to bring these two organizations together and give back to the PAWS organization. In support of each other, we will be able to help people get back some self sufficiency and continue to enjoy the little things again,” added James.

Together, we are helping others live more independent lives! You can place your order here.