Certification Celebration: June 2021

Congratulations to the Assistance Dog Teams that were certified in June!









Eric and NORMAN

Papa Dog JACK housed by: Heather Reurink
Mama Dog ROBYN housed by: Matthew and Elizabeth Wiersma
Foster Puppy Raiser: Rachel Follenweider
Trained by: Haley Gorenflo









Jennifer and SPRUCE

Papa Dog SPENCER housed by: Kelly Crabb
Mama Dog CHANNING housed by: Tracey Nelson
Foster Puppy Raiser: Linnea Downing
Trained by: Barb Kozminski










Kevin and GIBBS

Papa Dog MORT housed by: Jane Nowak
Mama Dog BLISS housed by: Shelly DeBoer
Foster Puppy Raiser: Stacey Lawrence and Andrew and Kelly Graham
Trained by: Meghan Sweers










Kojo and ROPER

Mama Dog TODDY housed by: Gail O’Lesky
Foster Puppy Raiser: Ahni Turner
Trained by: Kirstin Allan


Thank you to our supporters for making these Assistance Dog Teams possible!